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Similar to décor accessories making the finishing touches in interior design, fixtures are the shining adornment of your kitchen or bath design. Available in a spectacular array of shapes and finishes as well as the latest in smart-home technology, Kohler faucets and fixtures present a world of possibilities.

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Fixtures can do more than just deliver water or hang a towel. Properly coordinated fixtures can put the final touches on your vision and give your design that little something extra you were striving for. Our newly expanded Tampa showroom features hundreds of Kohler products which are currently priced at 10% off suggested retail pricing. Come by and visit us today to see what the bold look of Kohler can do for you.

Kitchen Faucets

As you design your kitchen, there are several functionality and style options you’ll want to consider to ensure you choose the right faucet for the way you work. From touchless to pull down, you will want to consider all of the options before making your purchase.

Kitchen Sinks

As you design your kitchen and choose the style of your sink, there are several functionality and installation options you’ll want to consider, especially since they may affect your faucet options. Stainless steel and cast iron are just two of the material options you have when thinking about your sink. The number of bowls and user friendly accessories are also important when making your decision.

Bathroom Faucets

Once you’ve chosen a sink, you’ll need to choose a faucet that fits– both aesthetically and functionally.

Bathroom Sinks

As you design your bathroom and choose the style of your sink, there are several installation options you’ll want to consider. Drop in and under mount options make a good starting point. With many color and design options the sink can make a dramatic visual impact.


The average toilet gets flushed nearly 2,000 times a year. And in the U.S., one-half of all toilets are older, less efficient models that waste up to 1.6 billion gallons of water every day. As you shop for a new toilet, you’ll want to consider a few different factors, including the different flushing types we offer, so you can choose the right one for you.

Toilet Seats

Featuring two LED lights, lighted toilet seats help guide you to your toilet in the dark and illuminate the bowl when the lid is lifted. Toilets come in elongated and round-front shapes. Elongated seats measure 18 5/8” or more and fit most residential toilets. Round-front seats, designed to fit space-saving toilets, measure 16 3/4” or less. You’ll want to be certain your seat coordinates with the shape of your toilet.

Bath Tubs

Whether you’re choosing a bathtub for a newly constructed bathroom or replacing one in an existing bathroom, your first step is to pick the appropriate installation type.


We offer six types of valves and your showroom representative can help you determine which type is right for your chosen shower. As you design your shower, you’ll have a range of water delivery options to consider.


The American living space is endlessly self-reflexive and paradoxical. Seriously playful. Carefully disorganized. It is steeped in the traditions of classic Americana while embracing a modern eclectic sensibility.


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