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Since being founded in 1899 Miele has followed its ‘Forever Better’ brand promise. This means: we will do all that we can to be “forever better” than our competitors and “forever better” than we already are. For our customers, this means the peace of mind of knowing that choosing Miele is a good decision – and probably the decision of a lifetime.

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Our refrigerators, freezer cabinets and also fridge freezer units for domestic use are distinguished by modern design, technical efficiency and convenient operation. The range extends from built-in appliances and standalone units to freezer cabinets/chest freezers and side-by-side equipment, as well as wine temperature control cabinets and wine cooler cabinets. The equipment impresses in everyday use thanks to practical functions and special features such as BioFresh or NoFrost.

BioFresh keeps food fresh for longer

Fresh, healthy food provides your body with everything it needs to function, in a natural way. Store your vitamin and mineral-rich foods at the ideal temperature and at the ideal humidity using our patented BioFresh technology, which keeps fruit and vegetables, meat, fish and dairy products fresh for much longer than conventional refrigeration technology.


Multi-temperature wine cabinets

When served at the right drinking temperature, a wine perfectly unfolds its flavour in the glass. The ideal serving temperature will vary according to the type of wine, and also to personal preference, accompanying dishes, and the time of year. Generally, red wines are enjoyed at a warmer temperature than white wines; and the aroma and flavour of sparkling wines and champagne emerge fully when they are nicely chilled. With a Liebherr multi-temperature wine cabinet, a bottle of champagne will be ready for an impromptu toast and, simultaneously, a good bottle of red wine will have already been brought to just the right temperature to offer any unexpected guests.




Modular Refrigeration

U-Line introduces a revolutionary approach to food and beverage preservation, offering the first flexible design solution that provides a better alternative to conventional “big-box” refrigerators. U-Line’s advanced refrigeration systems, large and flexible capacities and seamless integration capabilities allow you to preserve the right place, at the right temperature, U-Line modular refrigeration products allow you to design your kitchen around you, not your refrigerator.

Point-of-Use Refrigeration

We give you the freedom to install our units anywhere you please. Our front ventilation system is engineered to circumvent the need for additional airflow, providing the flexibility to integrate and install our products undercounter, in island applications, kitchens, wet bars, offices, gyms, bathrooms, or wherever you need them most.




SUPERIORE- made for North America, inspired by Italian design

The value of SUPERIORE is expressed in two sets of ranges and decorative hoods: NEXT, embodying the modernistic style of our engineering spirit, inspired by the technological excellence of our Region, and DECO, an audacious, postmodern interpretation belonging to the last century Italian art.


Exceptional cooking appliances with different styles, united by a firm identity of strength and elegance.





Zephyr Hoods

Industry Changing Technology

Lux Island Hood

Out of sight, out of mind. This sleek hood includes a wireless remote control, and it discreetly mounts into the ceiling above your range or cooktop. Your kitchen will stay clean and smoke free with the Lux’s Perimeter Aspiration and multiple blower options.


DCBL Suppression System® is the industry’s first range hood motor powered by brushless, direct current (DC) energy. An evolutionary step from the traditional AC powered range hood. Up to 77% more energy efficient with up to 77% less noise.

Features like, Bloom™ HD LED light bulbs, the industry’s first dimmable LED bulbs and an on-board computer that actively optimizes your range hood’s performance.

This technology package has been pioneered by Zephyr engineers, certified by UL testing authorities and reinforces Zephyr’s leadership in the range hood market. This powerful combination of technology delivers the MOST forcefully silent range hoods that are also the most energy efficient.

Airflow Control Technology, (ACT™)

We are proud to announce the industry’s first Airflow Control Technology™ (ACT™); an exclusive feature built into specific Zephyr hoods which can limit the maximum blower CFM to 590, 390 or 290 to meet local code requirements.

Perimeter Aspiration

This technique moves airflow away from the central area and evenly distributes it through narrow openings around the perimeter of the hood. This ventilation method increases air velocity and improves the capture of cooking contaminates.

Dual Capture Zones

Cooking contaminates are pulled in through two entry points to improve capture performance.

Dual Filtration

Cooking contaminates are pulled in and filtered through two entry points to improve capture performance.


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